Call for Papers – ITPA 2014


Call for Papers – ITPA 2014

Modern problems of application of IT in education, science and business

June 25 -26 2014, Bishket, Kyrgyzstan

2014 International Conference on Information Technology Promotion in Asia (ITPA

2014) will be a timely event focused on advances in IT, promoting international

collaboration and featuring invited talks on current issues on Cloud Computing Internet

Security, Mobile and Broadcasting Technology and Language Localization, and Media

Processing, ICT Education, and Business, exhibitions, and a number of carefully

reviewed presentations.

Background and Scope

The conference name follows the concepts of Information Technology Promotion in

Asia. It reflects a change in the thinking of scientists and practitioners, who tend to join

their efforts within multidisciplinary projects. Our goal is to investigate collaboration and

globalization/localization solutions of real world IT hardware/software/business issues

between developed and developing countries to seek for combinations implementing the

previously developed methods, best suited for particular applications and localization,

but also leading to new scientific observations and generalizations.

The concept of IT Promotion in Asia keeps evolving to address the trend of ICT, and

emergent tasks of real world interest. ITPA 2014 needs to encompass a wide range of

areas, where global collaboration solutions are being developed and applied. Of

particular interest are the following areas (but not limited by these areas):

Data Hub Processing

Communications and Networking

Data Mining and Pattern Recognition

E-Science and Web Intelligence

Grid and Distributed Computing

Language Translation Solution

Globalization/localization Solutions

Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia

Image and Signal Processing

Industrial and Environmental Engineering

Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents

Big Data Warehousing

Cloud Computing

Security and Safety Systems

Internet of things

Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded Systems

ICT Education and Business

We encourage innovative and hybrid solutions, combining above topics in applications

to demonstrate the advantages of proposed combinations over separately applied

techniques, and hybrid methods in emerging areas of technology. Discovery of new

practical applications, e.g. contributing to effective governmental or commercial services,

is the event’s goal as well.

While motivated in practical challenges, it is important to develop solid foundations for

the proposed methods (and to describe their performance). Contributions with wellstated

linkage between education, research and business application, supported by real

examples or description of what aspects are potentially useful in practice (strengths and

weaknesses over rival techniques) are strongly encouraged. ITPA Keynote Speakers :

Dr.Abdykalykov Akymbek Abdykalykovich (Rector of KSUCTA, KSUCTA,


Dr. Haeng Jin (Head, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)

Dr. Denny Cho (ProDVD, USA)

Prof. Daechul Park (Hannam University, Korea)

Dr.. Sung Cho (E4NET, Korea)

At this conference, you will have an opportunity to meet and talk with world recognized

researchers in the area of ICT and related business ongoing issues.

Paper Submission and Publication

All the accepted papers will be included either in the conference proceedings published

by ITPA or the electronic journal published by ITIRC , Korea.

Selected, outstanding contributions (after further revision) will be suggested in the postproceedings

published by AIRCC within regular journal Series. Every submitted paper

will be carefully reviewed by three independent members of the Program Committee, the

Advisory Board, and/or the Chairs of the conference. It will be highly appreciated if the

Authors present their work during the workshop, to stimulate discussion and gather

remarks helpful to improve the AIRCC regular journal Series.

The prospective Authors are invited to submit their papers at Papers must not have been previously published or

currently submitted for publication elsewhere.

Important Dates

Camera-Ready Paper Submission Deadline for ITPA Proceedings: June 5, 2023

Acceptance/Rejection notification for ITPA 2014 Proceedings: June 10, 2022

Pre-Registration Due : May 31, 2023

On site Registration open : June 25 , 2014


The conference is organized and hosted by ITIRC(, KISTI, and

KSUCTA and will be sponsored by E4NET and a number of Korean and International


Travel & Accommodation

Bishket is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in the central asia region. You can

use numerous airlines to travel to the capital, Kyrgyzstan. There are also many hotels at

the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. Please consult

Bishkek-Hotel-Deals.html for more details. Please also visit the ITPA 2014

web site from time to time with this in mind.


For general enquiries about ITPA 2014 or in case of any difficulty, please contact:

The ITPA Secretariat, Ms Kyoung Hee Kim, Phone: 070-7500-6244

Email: [email protected]

Organization Committee

General Co-Chairs:

Dr. Abdykalykov Akymbek Abdykalykovich (Rector of KSUCTA, KSUCTA , Kyrgyzstan)

Dr. Haeng Jin Jang (Head of KISTI, Korea)

Prof. Daechul Park (Hannam University, Korea)

Dr. Denny Cho (ProDVD, USA)

Program Co-Chairs:

Dr. Beishenbek Takyrbashevich Ukuev (director of INIT, KSUCTA ,Kyrgyzstan)

Prof. In Jeong Lee (Hoseo University, Korea)

Prof. Seong-Moo Yoo (The University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA)

Ms. Su Jeong Lee (CEO, E4NET, Korea)

Program Committee:

Prof. Toroev A.A. (Head of Department of Information System and Techonologies,KSUCTA )

Prof. Dugki Min, (Konguk University, Korea)

Prof. Jae Kwang Lee (Hannam University, Korea)

Prof. HeeDong Chang (Hoseo University, Korea)

Prof. Suk Soo Kim (Hannam University, Korea)

Prof. Sung-Hwan Jung, (Changwon National University. Korea)

Prof. Jong Dae Park, (Paichae University, Korea)

Dr. Chang-Won Ahn, (ETRI, Korea)

Mr. Andrew Ahn (ANCHOR DAY INC, USA)

Publicity Co-Chairs:

Oh, Ryum-Duck (Chongju University , Korea)

International Liason:

Dr. Sung Soo Kim (NRF, Kyrgyzstan)

Mr. Karimbaev T.T. ( director indo-kyrgyz center, KSUCTA, Kyrgyzstan)