ITPA 2009

ITPA 2009



September 21th
▪MorningPlace:TUIT Auditorium
09:00 ~ 12:00 Registration
10:00 ~ 11:00 PlenarySession                  Chair: Prof.DugkiMin,KonkukUniv.
Welcome & Opening SpeechRector S.S.Kasimov (Tashkent University of IT)∙Keynote Speech 1

Vice Minister Hadjayev A.A
(Uzbek Agency of Information and Communication)


Keynote Speech 2

Director Han Namgoong

(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Tutorial Session IChair: Prof. Doohyun Kim, Konkuk Univ.
11:00 ~ 11:40 Tutorial(I)Crackerjack Project - Kernel Regression Test ProjectSungin Jung, Principal Member of ETRI
11:40 ~ 12:20 Tutorial(II)HD Video and Blu-RayDavid Hu, President of ProDVD


12:20 ~ 2:00 Lunch
▪Afternoon Tutorial SessionPlace:TUIT Auditorium
Tutorial Session IIChair: Vice President Karimov M.M., TUIT.
2:00 ~ 2:40 Tutorial(III)OpenDRIM Project for Linux ManageabilityChangwon Ahn, Senior Member of ETRI
2:40 ~ 3:20 Tutorial(IV)XenARM porting to ARM11Kangho Kim, Senior Member of ETRI
3:20 ~ 4:00 Coffee Break


▪Afternoon Paper Sessions

Place: TUIT Main Building


Time Technical Track(Room #115) Technical Track(Room #114)
4:00 ~ 5:20 Session T1: Chair: Prof. Rajabov B.Sh., TUITIT Technology ande-Document Session T2: Chair: Prof. Musaev M.M., TUITIT Technology and Grid Computing
6:00 ~ 9:00 Banquet                            Chair:Rector S.S Kasimov, TUIT




September 22th

▪Morning Paper Sessions

Place: TUIT Main Building


Time Poster Session( 1’st floor, Internet Plaza)
09:30 ~ 10:20 Session P:Chair: Prof. Ganiev A.A., TUIT Business & Technology


Time Business Track(Room #115) Technical Track(Room #114)
10:30 ~ 11:50 Session T3: Chair: Prof. Bugibaev EN., TUITIT Technology Session T4: Chair: Prof. Kayumov Sh Sh., TUITIT Technology



▪    Lunch 12:00~1:30


▪Afternoon Paper Sessions

Place: TUIT Main Building


Time Technical Track(Room #115) Technical Track(Room #114)
1:30 ~ 2:50 Session B1:Chair:Changwon Ahn,   ETRIEnterprise BusinessApplications Session T5: Chair:  Kangho Kim,  ETRIInformation Security
2:50 ~ 3:10 Coffee Break
3:10 ~ 4:30 Session T6:Chair: Seunghyub Jeon, ETRIModeling and Web based vision Session T7: Chair: Prof. Karimov M.M.,TUITInformation Security
4:40 ~ 6:00 Session T8:Chair: Kyongwon  Min, KETISystem and Security Session T9: Chair: Prof. Isaev R.I., TUITCommunication




Crackerjack Project - Kernel Regression Test Project

Sungin Jung


HD Video & Blu-Ray

David Hu




OpenDRIM Project for Linux Manageability

Changwon Ahn


XenARM porting to ARM11

Kangho Kim




Task Group Based Computing Resource Management in Linux

Cheiyol Kim, Dongjae Kang, Sungin Jung


A CMOS Sub-Bandgap Voltage Reference with Pseudo Resistors

Shin-Il Lim, Jongchan Choi


Performance Evaluation of Audio Distribution System over Ethernet using a L1/L2

Hybrid Switching

Wiejung Nam, Jongho Yoon, Pusik


Secure ISO32000-1 PDF Document Management System Based on USB Token

Kyoungwon Min, Youngshin Kim, Mansup Kim, Jongchan Choi Choi





The Stator Current Analysis for Diagnosis of Induction Motor Using Wavelet


Jung-Ho Shin, Dae-Seong Kang


Secured Application Sharing Framework for Collaborative Virtual Environments

Nosirov Shavkat, Vishnu Kumar Kaliappan, Dugki Min


OpenVINE : Design of Virtualization Infrastructure Environment Management

Software based on Open Source

Seunghyb Jeon, Yongkyong Oh, Iisoo Byun, Changwon Ahn


Extending a Grid Monitoring Architecture for Complex Event Handling

Minsoo Kim, Young Seok Ock




Direct search methods to solve stochastic optimization problem

Utewliev Nietbay, Arziyeva Jamila


Analysis of the backbone routing protocols

Abdurakhmanov R.P., Abdumajitov D.I., Mirfayziev M.M. M.M.


Transport - stratum access network scenarios

U. Z. Yusupov


The Adaptive Control of Accuracy at Transfer and Processing of the Continuous

Information in view of Non-Stationary Properties

Djumanov O.I




YCrCb color space optimization

P.P.Vorobienko, V.I. Zagrebnuk, V.U. Kumysh, D.D. Lenik Lenik



TV images compression basing on the dynamic objects selection

Darya Savitskaya, Igor Gavrilov, Yuliya Kabanova


Recursive Algorithm of Signals Sources Isolation

Yu. A. Yakovleva, S.S. Kasimov, R. Asimov


Examination of Mechanical Influence on an Optical Fiber by Digital Holographic

Interferometry Methods

K.P. Abdurakhmanov, Z.T. Azamatov, I.A. Kulagin, Odil Ochilov, V.I. Redkorechev




Crypto algorithm ISD DS based on parameter algebra

Karimov.M.M, Rakhimov.R.I, Toshev.K.A, Sung Soo. Kim


Software Development of Hardware in Asymmetric Cryptography System

Karimov Madjid, Saparova Gauxar


Filtration method and detecting IP spoofing based on Hop-Count

Karimov.M.M, Rakhimov.R.I, Primov.E.I


Phishing: Impeding factor of on-line payment systems’ development

Vasilahon Karimova, Sung Soo. Kim




Distributed System for Efficient Handling Location-Based Information in Mobile


Nuriddin Rayimov, Heemin Kim, Jungwook Song, Miradham Kamilov, Hyunsook Kim,

Chinchol Kim, Sunyoung Han


Computer System of Uzbek Spellchecking

Abduvali Karshiev, Ulugbek Saidvaliev


Computer modeling and computer experiment in pedagogical researches

Radjabov Bakhtiyor, Mamadjanov Rakhmatilla, Doshanova Malika


Implementation of the Vision Interactive Appliance

Pusik Park, Hangyun Jung, Youngmu Jung, Daekyo Shin, Kitaeg Lim, Jongchan Choi,

Chongho Yoon




Latent Use of parameter R of the Elliptic Curve, As Parameter of Check EDS, with

Application of Algorithm of Enciphering

Pr. D.E. Akbarov, S.O. Sabirov, E.J. Azizov


Cryptographic protection of the information in information-telecommunication

Systems with application of composite models

Turaev Baxtiyor Temirovich, Komolov Madras Erkinovich,

Adenov Bekzod Erkaboevich


Estimation cryptostability of the stream cipher algorithm

Musaev Anvar Isakovich


Comparative analysis of security and efficiency of quantum key distribution

protocols with qudits

E.V. Vasiliu, R.S. Mamedov




Defense methods against Botnet technology

Karimov.M.M., Rakhimov.R.I., Rustamov Sh.S, Primov.E.I.


A Design Strategy for Enhancing eCos with EDF for Disaster Response System

Nodir Kodirov, Doo-Hyun Kim


Realistic 3D Reconstruction method from the set of 2D image sequences

Muzaffar Djalalov, Ju H. Park, S.M. Lee, Ho-Youl Jung


Security amplification of the ping-pong protocol with many-qubit Greenberg-Horne

-Zeilinger states

E.V. Vasiliu, S.V. Nikolaenko



Methods Productivity Development of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Broadband Networks

Yu. A. Yakovleva


Quality Indicators of Broadband Connection Channels

Sh.M. Gulyamov, Yu. A. Yakovleva, S.S. Kasimov, F.Z. Fahrutdinov


Bluetooth - A path towards an IT revolution

Parag K. Rabade, Waman Jawadekar


Efficiency use of system of channel encoding by transmission of digital signals on

communication channels

Abduazizov Amandjan Abdumadjitovich, Atajanov Sherzod Shuhratovich,

Burixodjayev Otabek Abduqodirovich




Information technologies as instrument of the shaping the marketing decisions

Matchanova F.A


Motives for sponsoring development of e-learning

Roza Urazimbetova, S.A. Pidayeva


Securing e-Government with Honeypots

Karimov Madjit Malikovich, Pardaeva Dilorom Rustamovna


Study the Situation and Development Directions of the E-Learning Systems in the

Knowledge Society

S. S. Kasimov, Sung Soo. Kim, Z. M. Akhmedova



A Cogitation of Vulnerabilities in Control Systems, SCADA and Critical Infrastructure


Rosslin John Robles, Min-kyu Choi, Tai-hoon Kim


Modeling and Simulation of 24GHz UWB Radar Sensor with Variable-length Phase Coded Modulation

Haengseon Son, Kyungwon Min, Wonki Park, Seongchoel Lee Lee


Huffman Coding Approach to Performance of 16-QAM/OFDM

Mashhur Sattorov, Heau-Jo Kang


Strategy of the electronic business - a way to successful competition

Khamdamova G.A.


Case study of national on-line payment systems

Vasilahon Karimova, Sung Soo. Kim


Combined security system of computer networks

Karimov Madjit Malikovich, Pardaeva Dilorom Rustamovna, Rakhimov Rustam



Digital Signature in the E-procurement Systems

Rustam Hamdamov, Anton Tujilin


Shaping scholastic material in system of The intellectual education

Bobomurodov O.J, Rahimov N.O.


Algorithms for extracting invariant features of profile face image

Mumtozali Tuhktasinov, Bakhtiyor Nosirov


Realization of software tools “Stochastic optimization” in optimization process of

data transmission network

B.Sh. Radjabov, S.K. Medetov, I.M. Boynazarov


RFID security issues

Talgat Kulkeyev, Seong-Moo Yoo


Structure of Information Processes or Why the Topic about the Distinction between Information and Data Matter

Iosif Gr. Ten