ITPA 2008






September 22th

▪MorningPlace:TUIT Auditorium
09:00 ~ 12:00 Registration
09:00 ~ 09:30 Press Conference
10:00 ~ 12:00 PlenarySession Chair:Prof.DugkiMin,KonkukUniv.
Welcome & Opening Speech
Rector S.S.Kasimov (Tashkent University of IT)∙Keynote Speech 1
Vice Minister Hadjayev A.A
(Uzbek Agency of Information and Communication)∙Keynote Speech 2
Dean Sunyoung Han, Ph.D (Konkuk University)
12:10 ~ 1:30 Lunch
▪Afternoon Tutorial SessionPlace:TUIT Auditorium
Tutorial Session IChair: Sunyoung Han, Ph.D, Dean of Konkuk Univ.
1:30 ~ 2:10 Tutorial(I)Open Source Software(OSS)Doohyun Kim, Ph.D, Prof. of Konkuk University
2:20 ~ 3:00 Tutorial(II)Enterprise ArchitectureHeedong Na, Director of 2e-Consulting
3:00 ~ 3:40 Tutorial(III) Invitation of IT Professionals with Korea 2008Puoung Hee Choi, Secretary General, KOIBA
3:40 ~ 4:10 Coffee Break
Tutorial Session IIChair: Vice President Karimov M.M., TUIT
4:10 ~ 4:50 Tutorial(IV)Real-Time Recording of Digital Video on Optical StorageDavid Min Hu, President of ProDVD.
4:50 ~ 5:30 Tutorial(V)RFID Systems and ApplicationsJoshua J. Song, Ph.D, Professor of Yanbian University
6:00 ~ 9:00 BanquetChair: Rector S.S.Kasimov, TUIT


September 23th



▪Morning Paper Sessions

Place: TUIT Main Building


Time Poster Session( 1’st floor, Internet Plaza)
09:30 ~ 10:20 Session P:Chair: Prof. Ganiev S.K., TUIT Business & Technology


Time Business Track(Room #115) Technical Track(Room #114)
10:30 ~ 11:50 Session B1: Chair: Prof.Eun-Suk Cho, Seoil Univ.Enterprise Business Applications Session T1: Chair: Ph.D., R.I. Isaev, TUITInternet and Communication

Lunch 12:00~1:30

Afternoon Paper Sessions

Place: TUIT Main Building

Time Business Track(Room #115) Technical Track(Room #114)
1:30 ~ 2:50 Session B2:Chair:Prof. Joshua J. Song, Yanbian Univ.e-Learning Systems Session T2: Chair: Prof. Soo Young Shin, Kookmin Univ.Web and Multimedia Technology
2:50 ~ 3:10 Coffee Break
3:10 ~ 4:30 Session B3:Chair: Prof. Makhkamova M.A., TUITBusiness IT Session T3: Chair: Prof. Sun-young Han, Kon-Kuk Univ.Advanced Engineering Technology
4:40 ~ 6:00 Session T5:Chair: Prof. Doohyun Kim, Konkuk Univ.IT Technology Session T4: Chair:Prof. A.E. Mirzaev, TUITModeling and Simulation

Tutorial SessionI


Current Status of Model Curriculum for Open Source S/W Haman Resource Development

Doohyun Kim


Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Transformation

Heedong, Na 


Invitation of IT Professionals with Korea 2008

Puoung Hee Choi, Secretary General 

Tutorial SessionII


Real-Time Recording of Digital Video on Optical Storage

David Min Hu

RFID: Changing the World

Joshua J. Song



Information Marketing as Strategic Potential of the Enterprise



Systems of Electronic Payments - the New Lever in Development of the Competition



JSC “Uzbektelecom”: Main Goal – Constant Modernization, Expansion and Development

Khakim A. Mukhitdinov


Prospects of Information Technologies Application in Agriculture






Reports System of Monitoring and an Estimation of Educational Institutions of

Average-special Vocational Training

Sh.A. Nazirov, К.S. Rakhmanov

Technology as a Motivational Tool in English Teaching

Suleymanova Galina Nikolayevna, Kadirbekova Durdona Hikmatullayevna


Introduction of New Information Technologies at Foreign Language Lessons

Usmanova M.U., Pidayeva S.A., Urazimbetova R.S.


Many-criteria Model of Rating Knowledge of Students in an Electronic Educational Resource

Mukazhanov Vladimir Nikolaevich, Serbin Vasiliy Valerevich, Berikuli Alimzhan Berikovich



Internet and Mobile Communication Important Factor of Development

Khujanazarova N.Sh., Korchiev F.M.


Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBA

Sidikova M., Makhkamova M.A.,TUIT

Role of Strategic Marketing in Achievement of Success of Company



Inspection of Object at Creation of the Informative Systems

Khachaturova E.M., Zaynudinova M.B., Rahimdjanova Z.Ya.



WiMAX Wireless Data Transmission Technology Analysis

B.Yu.Shomaksudov, R.H.Djurayev

The Automated System of Testing Solutions for the Organization of Competitions on

Programming among Students and Schoolboys in Local Networks and the Internet

Nazirov Sh.A., Kravchenko S. E., Babakulov I.Kh.


Optimal using of Light Sources in Optical Telecommunication Networks.

R. I. Isaev, Sultanov Ruslan Rustamovich


Mobile Communication and Renewable Energy in the Decision of Social Problems of

the Population Living in the Remote Areas

B.M.Makhkamdjanov, U.T.Aliev, S.M.Abdullaeva



Performance Influence of a Cache Mechanism on a Large-Scale Search System

Hikmat Abdoollayev, Luu Hoang Long, Eunmi Choi, Dugki Min

Computing Algorithm for Calculation Thin Thermoplastic Plates with the Complex Form

Abdirazikov О.Sh.


An Experiment with HDTV Stream in KOREN

Ilhom Karimov, Miradham Kamilov, Sungchol Cho, Euijun Kim, Jing Liu, Sunyoung Han 


Algorithmic Method of Building Knowledge Bases in Intelligent Systems

Nazirov SH.A, Aripova N. A.



The Method of Constructing Models of Optimum Utilization of Land Resources

Nazirov S. A., Ahmadzhonov BM


Initiation Procedure of UWASN(UnderWater Acoustic Sensor Network)

Soo Young Shin, Soo Hyun Park


UPnP based Multiple Robot Control System on Home Network

Yunjung Park , Dugki Min


The Analysis of the Factors Influential Distributed Information Systems Development

Mukhiddinov Sh.Kh., Atadjanova M.P., Sultanov Kh.B.



Spine-Method of the Analysys, Processing and Definition of the Change

Anomalies of Rails Structure

H.N. Zaynidinov, U.R. Hamdamov, D.Elov, A.Iminov


Simulation of Functioning of Computing Structure on the Basis of Cubic Basic Splines

A.E. Mirzaev


Modeling the Behavior of Cylindrical Panels under Pulsating Load

A.B. Karshiyev


Choice of the Optimum Scheme for Decision of the Problem to

Lumpy Filtering To Liquids

Alimov I., Juraev T.M.


Simulating E6 protocol networks using CPN Tools

Guliayev K.D., Zaitsev D.A., Litvin D.A., Radchenko E.V.



Security on the Internet

Rahmanjanova Asel Ertabaldyevna 


A Framework for improving reusability of Home Network system

Chul Jin Kim, Sook Hee Lee, Eun Sook Cho


RoboSMIL and RoboTailer: Extension of SMIL and Authoring Tool for Synchronized

Robot and Multimedia Representation

Dongwoon Jeon and Doohyun Kim


Rule Based Cluster Management and Application Deployment System

Truong Thi Ngoc Phuong, Eunmi Choi, Dugki Min

Session P


Application of Variation Methods in the Tasks of the Theory of Slices


Mobile Communication Networks and Its Problems Provision of Information Security

R.H.Djurayev, B.Yu.Shomaksudov


Ways to Optimize Capital Structure

V.V.Korsukova, I.S.Ivanova


Models of Investment Policy

Sh.A.Tursunov, Sh.B.Rashidova


Avoiding Damage to the System caused by a Malfunction Device Driver

Rustam Rakhimov


Use of Possibilities ICT for Risk Decrease in Innovative Activity



About One Approach of Increase of Stability of System of Detection And

Prevention of Intrusion

S.K. Ganiev, M.M. Karimov, А.А. Ganiev, К.А. Tashev


Uncertain Sets in a Management and Estimations of Investment Project Risks

Nasretdinova Sh.S., Kimizbaeva O.E., Sadikova Sh.


The Role of Internet in Teaching Foreign Language

Urazimbetova R.S.

Impact of Electronic and Mobile Commerce on the Social and

Economic Development of the Country

Tohtiyarov Akram Nurmahamatovich


Using Effective IDS and IPS Technologies in a Computer System or Network’s Security

Karimov Madjit Malikovich, Pardaeva Dilorom Rustamovna


Questions of Stabilization Domain Walls for Creation Magnetooptical Switchboards

O. Ochilov


Estimation of Probability Characteristics of Multiservice Network Section

with Repeated Calls

Normurodov A.D., Eshmuradov A.M., Gulturaev N.H., Suleymanov T.R.


Pricing policy in telecommunication sphere


Increase of competitiveness on the basis of the innovation of systems of

the organization of marketing management

T.K. Ibragimov


Methods of company’s cash flows optimization

N.N.Asaula, I.S.Ivanova


A Tracking Algorithm to Specific Person with Wearing Color and

Face Recognition by LDA

In-Jung Lee


An Improvement of Routing Using Lifetime Prediction In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Ju-Young Lee