ITPA 2007


ITPA 2007  Program


■ September 24th

Morning  (Place:  Intercontinental Hotel)

   09:00 ~ 12:00 Registration

09:00 ~ 09:30 Press Conference

10:00 ~ 12:00 Plenary Session (Chair: Prof. Sunyoung Han, Konkuk Univ.)

Opening Speech

Rector S.S.Kasimov

(Tashkent University of IT)


Keynote Speech 1

Vice Minister Hajayev

(Uzbek Agency of Information and Communication)


Keynote Speech 2

Prof. Kern Koh, Ph.D

(Seoul National University)



Afternoon  (Place:  TUIT)

12:10 ~ 12:30 IT Korea Center Opening Ceremony

12:30 ~ 1:30  Lunch


Tutorial Session I (Chair: Prof. Dugki Min, Konkuk Univ.)

1:30 ~2:20 Tutorial (I)

Information Security: Now and Beyond

(Hongsun Kim, Ph.D

The Advisor of AhnLab, Adjunct Prof. at Korea University)


2:30 ~ 3:20 Tutorial (II)

IT Convergence

(Jin-Woong Cho, Ph.D

Director / Wireless Network Research Center

of Korea Electronics Technology Institute(KETI))


3:20 ~ 4:00 Coffee Break


Tutorial Session II (Chair: Vice President Karimov M.M., TUIT.)

4:00 ~ 4:50 Tutorial (III)

e-Government in Korea and the Next Step

(Mr. Jung-Hoon Sim, Senior Researcher

of National Information Society Agency(NIA))


5:00 ~ 5:50 Tutorial (IV)

Next Generation UI

(Taeshik Kim, President of ActsOne Co.Ltd.)



Banquet 6:00-9:00

Chair: Rector S.S.Kasimov (Tashkent University of IT)



■ September 25th  (Place:  TUIT)


Morning Technical Sessions


Time Business Track Technical Track
09:00 ~ 10:20 Session B1: (4 Papers)IT Promotion Session T1: (4 Papers)Distributed and Embedded Systems
10:30 ~ 11:50 Session B2: (5 Papers)e-Learning I Session T2: (5 Papers)Internet and Mobile Communication
Session B1 : IT Promotion  (Chair: Prof. Ganiev S.K., TUIT)

- The Model of Social Development in the Uzbekistan Society

Makhkamova N. R. TUIT

- Research of models to investment policy of the state

Tursunov Sh.A., Rashidova Sh.B., TUIT

- Particularities of state policy in the field of protection of national information environment

Karimova E’zoza Gafurzhanovna, TUIT

- Development of marketing in enterprises industrial complex of republic of Uzbekistan

Yunusova M.L.TSUIT



Session B2 : e-Learning I  (Chair: Prof. Aripov H.K., TUIT)

- Electronic means of training in High schools

Mambetova Dildor, Ablizova Gulzahiram, TUIT

- Methods of knowledge controlling of students and automation

Haidarova Marhamat, Ibragimova Zukhra Muslimovna, Chie Zoya, TUIT

- Role of Communications Facilities in Training Specialists for Law-Enforcement Organs

F. Kadirov, G. Yunusov, S. Medetov, TUIT

- Electoric Teaching and Methodical Complexes Development For Human Anatomy Course with Grid Technologies Application

A.G.Ahmedov, R.J.Mamazhanov, N.Ravshanov, S.K.Medetov, A.R. Haliullina, TUIT

- The rating control of students and its automation

Mambetova Dildor, Pulatova Anzirat, Tashpulatova Nodira, TUIT



Session T1 : Distributed and Embedded Systems(Chair: Prof. Gouchol Pok, Yanbian Univ.)

- Transmission Environment for Underwater Acoustic Communication

Soo-Young Shin, Jong-Kee Choi, Soo-Hyun Park, Kookmin University

- GRID-Technology for forming and demonstration of complex multimedia e-book

B.Sh.Radjabov, N.Ravshanov,  А.G.Ahmedov, R.Ya.Mamajanov, TUIT

- Web Services Business Billing Model

Duckwon Chung, Dugki Min

- Associative medium concept and processing of information in the distributed network environment

Nargiza Usmanova, TUIT



Session T2 : Internet and Mobile Communications(Chair: Prof. Se-Chang Oh, Sejong Cyber University)

- QoS Management in Broadband Convergence Network

Heemin Kim, Jungwook Song, Sangwook Bae, Sunyoung Han

- The advanced access protocol for transmission environment based on the organization of the logical channels

S.K. Ganiev, M.M. Karimov, A.A. Ganiev, TUIT

- Way of the description of a high-speed network with a multipriority mode of transfer of the frame

M.M. Karimov, S.K. Ganiev, A.A. Ganiev, TUIT

- Design of modern TV broadcasting networks on the basis of multipurpose digital video informational systems

Ergash Mahmudov, TUIT

- Analysis correcting codes for canal coding in system wireless communication

A.A. Abduazizov, Sh.Sh. Atajanov., TUIT



Lunch 12:00-1:30



Afternoon Technical Sessions


Time Business Track Technical Track
1:30 ~ 2:50 Session B3: (5 Papers)e-Learning II Session T3: (4 Papers)Security and e-Government
2:50 ~ 3:10 Coffee Break
3:10 ~ 4:30 Session B4: (4 Papers)Business IT Session T4: (4 Papers)Advanced Computing Technology
4:40 ~ 6:00 Session B5 (6  Papers)e-Learning III / Misc. Session T5 (4 Papers)Advanced Computing Technology II / IT Applications



Session B3 :  e-Learning II  (Chair: Prof. Nazirov Sh., TUIT)

-  Meeting traditional music through digital culture technology

Eunsook Kim, Hwang-ro Lee, Jeonju University

- Goal driven personalized e-learning system

Mijoung Lee, Park Jong-Sun, Kiseok Kim, Handong Global Univ.

- Enlargement of a training tools case intended for programming teaching

Nodira Tashpulatova, Jamil Kalandarov, TUIT

- IT Education at PUST

Gouchol Pok, Yanbian University

- Use of videoconference in training of professional pedagogues in system of telecommunications and information technologies

Ahmetova B.B,  Abilova M.S.,  Ibragimov S.A, TUIT



Session B4 : Business IT  (Chair: Prof. Radjabov B.Sh., TUIT)

- Functional orientation of innovative process in market conditions

Achilova S.P, TUIT

- The structure of the effective Internet – marketing information system


Djurabaev A.A., Tulepbekov B.A, TUIT

- Management structure reconstruction with the use of information technologies


- The Internet – marketing as tool of achievement the company’s success

Khamdamova G.A



Session B5 : e-Learning III / Misc. (Chair: Prof. Karimov M.M., TUIT)

- The use of distance training - the tendency of development of information systems in society

Mambetova  Dildor, Ahmedjanov Tohir, TUIT

- Enhancing foreign languages teaching with information technologies


Suleymanova g.n, TUIT

- Role of Communications Facilities in Raising Quality of Training of Specialists for Law Enforcement Organs

F. Kadirov, R. Mamajonov, TUIT

- Word meaning of cognitive activity through intermediate language

Abdullaeva S.H., TUIT

- On discoveries in exact sciences by the scientists of Mirzo Ulugbek Academy of sciences

Dj.H. Ibadov, TUIT

- The system and the methods of financial planning at the enterprise

Ivanova I.S., Sorokina E.D., TUIT



Session T3 : Security and e-Government(Dr. Hongsun Kim, AhnLab.Co.Ltd)

- Private box algorithm

Rustam Kh. Khamdamov, Nodir Kh. Qodirov, TUIT

- Extended Role of Information Security

Hongsun Kim, AhnLab.Co.Ltd.

- Feature Transformation based Intrusion Detection   with Incremental Clustering

Se-Chang Oh, Sejong Cyber University

- Development factors of e-Government system of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Mahkamova M.A, Khujanazarova N.Sh, TUIT


Session T4 : Advanced Computing Technology I(Chair: Prof. Kamilov M.M., TUIT)

- Programmed System for the Adaptive Monitoring of the Continuous nature Information on the Basis of Supervised Learning of Neural Network

Olimjan I. Djumanov, Akmal R. Akhatov, Uzbekistan Samarkand State University

- Parallelizing of Evaluations at Restoring Signals by Systems of Cubic Splines

Kh.N. Zaynidinov, U.R. Hamdamov, TUIT

- Combination of method of Treftz with a method of R-functions

Nazirov Sh.A., Akbaeva N, TUIT

- Algorithmic and Structural Bases Organization of Computing Means on a Bases Piecewise-Basic Methods

Kh.N.Zaynidinov  B.S.Azamxonov, TUIT

- Information and telecommunication technologies in governmental management

Fakhriddin Mirzoakhmedov, Dilshod Naskov, National Univ. of the Tajikistan



Session T5 : Advanced Computing Technology II / IT Applications(Chair: Prof. Eunsook Kim, Jeonju University)

- Secondary Structure Prediction of Proteins

Gouchol Pok, Yanbian University

- Technology of information processing and inquiries optimization

S.S. Kasimov, E. N. Bugibaev, S.D. Arzikulov, TUIT

- A Design and Implementation of the Driving Circuit for 65K Full Color OLED Displays

Sung-Wook Choi, Kyung-Rok Kim, and Kae-Dal Kwack, Hanyang University

- Main Principles of Strengthening the Energy Supply Quality Control of Information Technologies and Communication

J.Sh. Maksudov, TUIT

- Synthesis of Algebraic Devices

Aynakulova T.S., B.S. Utabaev and Aynakulov E.B.

■ September 27th –28 th  (ICT Summit)

“Global Cooperation in Central Asia” - Uzbekistan, Hub of CIS -

(Yun Soo Lee, Vice president of KIICA)


“Nurturing Excellent Engineers for Information Technology in Korea“

(Sunyoung Han, Professor of Konkuk University)


Committee Members


General Co-Chairs

l  Kasimov S.S., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Koh, Kern, ITIRC, Korea

International Co-Chair

l  Jeon, Jeisang, TUIT Uzbekistan

l  Kim, Kiseok, Handong Global University, Korea

International Committee Members

l  Medetov S.K., TUIT, Uzbekistan

Steering Committee

l  Kim, Choonho, KETI, Korea

l  Kim, Sun-Bae, KIICA, Korea

l  Teshaboev T.Z., TUIT, Uzbekistan

Organization Co-Chairs

l  Karimov M.M., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Han, Sunyoung, Konkuk University, Korea

Organization Committee Members

l  Kim, Jeasuk, Yonsei University, Korea

l  Oh, Seokjoo, Ahn Lab., Korea

l  Cho, Heecheol, MITEL Korea.

l  Shin, Seungjung, Hansei University, Korea

l  Choi, Eunmi, Kookmin University, Korea

l  Abdusatarov B.B., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Ibraimov R.R., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Gulturaev N.Kh., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Radjabov T.D., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Tursunboev F.K., TUIT, Uzbekistan

Program Committee Co-Chairs

l  Aripov Kh.K., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Min, Dugki, Konkuk University, Korea

Program Committee Members

l  Kim, Paul, Stanford University, USA

l  Kim, Doohyun, Konkuk.University,Korea

l  Lee, Injung, Hoseo University, Korea

l  Kang, Cheulho, Kwangwoon University, Korea

l  Lee, Chung, California State Polytechnic University, USA

l  Rajabov B.Sh. TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Musaev M.M. TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Nazirov Sh., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Zaynutdinov Kh., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Komilov M.M., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Ganiev S.K.,TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Khaliova A.U., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Usmanova N.B., TUIT, Uzbekistan


l  Lee, Mijoung, Handong Global University, Korea

Contact point

l  Professor Dugki Min, Program Co-Chair., [email protected]

l  Professor Jeon, Jeisang, International Co-Chair, [email protected]