Information Technology Promotion in Asia

- The Problems of Development of ICT and Training of Personal

September21-25 2009,

Tashkent University of IT, Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN


Hosted by

  • TUIT(Tashkent  University of Information Technologies)
  • ITIRC(IT Internationalization Research Center)
  • ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
  • UbITA (Institute for Ubiquitous Information Technology & Application)


Supported by

  • KIAT (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology)


In Cooperation with

  • IT Korea Center in Uzbekistan


Sponsored by

  • KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)
  • PRIMUS’COS Co., Ltd.


Background and Themes

The growth of the Internet and mobile technology has dramatically changed human life style and service styles of enterprises and governments. The main objective of this conference is to bring researchers from different disciplines, developers, and users all interested in promoting information technologies in Asia, and to discuss current methodologies, new research directions, and venture technologies. Although a natural focus is on computer science issues in general, we gladly welcome technical research contributions from e-government, engineering, economics, business, law, and other relevant disciplines. The conference is organized to address several general topics as follows.


  1. Research in the sphere of Information and Communication Technologies;
  2. System Modeling & Simulation of  Infocommunication Systems;
  3. Radio Communication and Digital Television;
  4. Problems of Information Security;
  5. E-Learning and ICT  during Training;
  6. Systems of ElectronicDocument Circulation and Business;
  7. Management and Marketing of Infocommunication Systems;
  8. Embedded and Ubiquitous & Grid Computing
  9. Multimedia Computing and Communication


*       Guidelines for Paper Submission

All accepted papers in ITPA 2009 will be evaluated through peer review and the extended revision of those selected papers will be published in International Journal of UCI(Ubiquitous Computing & Internationalization – )


For Academic  Papers

*        Papers should describe original work, and be longer than 2 double-spaced pages in single column, butnot to exceed 6 pages in length

*        Papers Format: LNCS format (See


For Practical Presentations

*        In order to encourage industry and government researchers to participate in this conference, we allow submissions of presentation slides (without papers) about practical industry and government trends and strategic issues.

*        Presentation Slides Length and Format: not restricted


Important Dates

Full Paper Submission                                     July    31th

Acceptance Notification                                  Aug   15th

Camera-ready Form Submission                     Aug    31th


Contact Details For detailed information on the Conference and academic paper requirements, please send your inquiries to [email protected]


Paper Submission

For paper submission, please send your paper(in doc) to [email protected].

Committee Members

General Co-Chairs

l  Kasimov S.S., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Kern Koh,  ITIRC, Korea / Seoul National University, Korea

l  Myungjoon Kim, ETRI, Korea

l  Choonho Kim, UbITA, Korea

International Co-Chair

l  Sungsoo Kim, TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Yusupov S.Yu , TUIT, Uzbekistan

Steering Committee

l  Sunyoung Han, Konkuk University, Korea

l  Ibragimov O.M., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Karimov M.M., TUIT, Uzbekistan

Organization Co-Chairs

l  Yusupov A.Yu., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Kiseok Kim, Handong Global University, Korea

Organization Committee Members

l  Taewoon Kang, ITIRC, Korea

l  David Hu, ProDVD, USA

l  Youngshin Kim, Astii Co.,Ltd, Korea

l  Kukjin Jun, PRIMUS’COS Co., Ltd. Korea

l  Heedong Na, 2e-Consulting, Korea

l  Heeseung Kang, Dotname Korea Corp, Korea

l  Heecheol Cho, MITEL Korea.

l  Hoonmin Lee, UNI Tech, Korea

l  Hongsun Kim, Ahn Lab., Korea

l  Jonghee Lee, Modacom, Korea

l  Jeisang Jeon, TUIT Uzbekistan

l  Bugibaev E.N, TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Abduazizov. A. A., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Djalilov M.I., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Radjabov T.D., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Kayumov Sh.Sh., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Yelena Alekseyevna Atlanova, Intelligent Solution, Uzbekistan

l  Dadajonov Talat Karimovich, Fido-biznes, Uzbekistan

Program Committee Co-Chairs

l  Dugki Min, Konkuk University, Korea

l  Doohyun Kim, Konkuk Univeristy, Korea

l  Chang-Won Ahn, ETRI, Korea

l  Abdurahmanov R.P., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Kuvnakov A.E. TUIT, Uzbekistan

Program Committee Members

l  Injung Lee, Hoseo University, Korea

l  Eunmi Choi, Kookmin University, Korea

l  Soo-young Shin, Kookmin University, Korea

l  Paul Kim, Stanford University, USA

l  Kang-Ho Kim, ETRI, Korea

l  Seung-Hyub Jeon, ETRI, Korea

l  Jongchan Choi, KETI, Korea

l  Kyongwon Min, KETI, Korea

l  Rajabov B.Sh. TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Musaev M.M. TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Ochilov O. TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Karimova V. E, TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Bobomuhamedova M.Z., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Ganiev А.А.,TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Ulyanova N.V., TUIT, Uzbekistan

l  Usmanova N.B., TUIT, Uzbekistan


l  Inchul Kim, ITIRC, Korea, [email protected]

Contact point

l  Doohyun Kim, Program Co-Chair., [email protected]

l  Sungsoo Kim, International Co-Chair, [email protected]