IT technologies have made the world be reachable each other as neighbors. Through internet and advanced telecommunication technologies, we share information in real-time.

However, despite this revolutionary progress in technology, it is also true that still many of places in the world have not been utilized the advantages of this technology. That’ why our ST Internationalization Research Center was born.
It will enlighten and promote education, research and business fields through collaboration with the ST-underdeveloped and information-isolated  countries. And I am sure that this will end up contributing their technology improvement.


Choon Ho Kim

Director of Research Institute


MOA agreement between ITIRC and KSUCTA (Prof. DC Park and Mr. Abdykalykovich, Rector of KSUCTA).

We are living in the age of glocalized community that can be reached by click and touch of smart devices. Digital divide should be reduced by sharing our appropriate and information technology of our experiences with peoples and the underdeveloped countries. As our professional occupations expand, the need for an international collaboration is increased and our involvement is more justified by global equalization. Let us put our concerns and experiences into what you dream!