IT Korea Symposium(2005)


IT Korea Symposium @Central Asia Vol. 1 & 2 (2005)


Sep 28th, 2005
The 4th International IT Policy Program Workshop:IT Korea Symposium Vol. 1, part 1
14:00-14:20 Registration
14:20-14:40 Welcome Message:Sadicjan Sabizovich Kasimov, Rector of TUITHaYoung Moon, Ambassador of Korea in Uzbekistan.
14:40-15:00 Keynote speech:Junseok Hwang, Director of ITPP, SNU
15:00-16:00                        Presentation Session 1: steering committee
- Rustam Hamdamov, Pro-rector of TUIT- ChanYoung Bang, President of KIMEP- K. Uzakbaev, President of Academy of Management Kyrgyzstan
16:00-16:20 Coffee Break
16:20-17:40 Presentation Session 2:the study for the regional clusters in Central Asian countries and Russia
- Andrei Shin (Russia)Overview and goal of KT project, CIS- Nurilla Mahamatov (Uzbekistan)Focus on Uzbekistan, special vision for Uzbekistan- Elizat Kubatova (Kyrgyzstan)Focus on Kazakhstan, special vision for Kazakhstan

Nurlanbek Shonkoev (Kyrgyzstan)

17:40-19:00 Dinner
Sep 29th, 2005
Hoseo & ITIRC Workshop: IT Korea Symposium Vol. 2
09:00-09:40 InJung Lee- Technology of Information Security in South Korea for Recent 5-Years
09:40-10:20 DugKi Min-  A CBD Enterprise Application Framework
10:20-10:50 KunSoo Park-  BioInformatics: Combination of IT and Bio-tech
10:50-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:45 EunMi Choi-  A Study on Load Balancing Mechanisms in Web Cluster Systems
11:45-12:15 ChanHo Bang-  Design and implementation of Adaptive learing management system using scorm 2004 sequincing and traffice signal metaphor
12:15-13:30 Luncheon
13:30-14:00 KilSoo Kim-  IT Trend and Stategy in Korea
14:00-14:30 InSoo Chong-  SOX and IT : SOX is born in 2002 and it is not going away
14:30-15:00 HongKeun Park-  For Secured and Assured Networks
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break
The 4th International IT Policy Program Workshop:IT Korea Symposium Vol. 1, part 2
15:20-16:20 Presentation Session 3: the cases of regional clusters in Korea
- HyunYoung Yoon4G, standards strategy, wireless communication- JungSu SongBroadband development in Korea- SeungHyun KimIT convergence innovation policy
16:20-17:20 Presentation Session 4: the cases of regional clusters in other countries
- Sanjaa Naransogt (Mongolia)IT development policy and international cooperation of Mongolia- Arunabha Ghosh (India)Importance of policy reforms to linkup regional innovation clusters:In ICT sector- Feng Yi (China)

Recent development of energy use in China at the industrial sector level

17:20-17:50 Closing Remarks




On the 27-30 of September 2005 an International Science and Practical conference “Role and Significance of telecommunications and Information Technologies in Modern Society”will be held in Tashkent University of Information Technologies.

The conference is devoted to the 50-th anniversary of Tashkent University of Information Technologies, leading higher educational establishment of Uzbekistan in the sphere of personnel training in information and communication technologies.

The conference will cover the following sections:

1.Telecommunication technologies;

– condition and development of telecommunication technologies;

-communication networks and commutation systems;

-systems and data communication networks;

-fiber-optic devices and systems;

-multiplex telecommunication systems;

-methods and measuring devices in telecommunication systems;

-information security in telecommunication systems;


2.Radiocommunication, broadcasting and television;

-condition and development of radiocommunication, broadcasting and television;

-radiotechnical devices and systems;

-digital radiocommunication, broadcasting and television;

-electrodynamics, TL antenna devices and radiowaves expansion;

-generation(oscillation), formation, receipt, transformation and processing of signals;

-systems of mobile communication and services.

3. Information technologies;

-condition and development of information technologies;

– information technologies automized systems of control;

-technology of programming and applied software;

– protection in computer systems and networks;

-Internet and corporate networks;

– information technologies in education.

4. Economics and management

-marketing and management in infocommunication technologies;

-technics and technologies of post service;

– information technologies in management of education quality.

In the frames of section reports the presentation of new soft products.All necessary facilities will be available:IBM PC Pentium-IV, LAN, LCD-Projector compatible with computers, Dia-projector and all necessary software. Presentation should be done in Power Point 97-2003.

To participate in the conference applicants should fill in the form and send it to Organizing committee with attached thesis together with the full text file on Floppy Disk or by E-mail.

The participants of presentation of software should indicate all necessary conditions for demonstration (operation system, attachments) in the clause “Additional information”



Conference working languages are Uzbek, Russian and English.



Conference articles will be published in original language. The volume of the report is up to 3 pages. In order to ensure timely publishing your report and attached material should be available not later than the 15-st of august, 2005. We will be happy to have your suggestions on cultural program sent together with thesis papers.


Requirements TO PAPERS.


1. Text is to be placed on the А4 size page with margins: Top- 2,0cm, Bottom 2,0cm, Left 3,0cm, Right 1,5cm. No page numbers.  All texts of reports in Microsoft Word 6.0 or 7.0, Times New Romans, font size 12, page size 29,7х21,0cm, laser print.

Text file should be available to Organizing Committee on Floppy Disk or send by e-mail.


2. Title should be printed in Capital letters, centered.  In 2,5 intervals Name, Family name, City, Country should be printed in small letters with commas, centered.  In 2,5 intervals summary in Uzbek (or Russian) and English languages is provided (up to 5 lines in 1 interval). In 2,5 intervals the text of the report is given (language is chosen by author, line interval 1.0 ).


3. The reports will be published from author’s material without editing or correcting.

Texts can be sent to Organizing Committee or sent by e-mail. Reports will be evaluated. Notification of report inclusion in conference program and invitation cards will be sent by the 15 of august, 2005.



During the conference You will have the opportunity to make acquaintance with the history of TUIT, visit enterprises, museums and exhibitions, see the sightseeing of Uzbekistan.



Organizing Committee

Accommodation and transportation are at the expense of the participants.